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Bespoke Designs

One of the key advantages of CNC technology is that the options are only limited by your imagination. The majority of the products available so far are items that I wanted to make, however this is just scratching the surface of what can be done. If you have an idea for something that can be carved either from wood, plastic or soft metal please get in contact.

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Raw materials sourcing

Wood is a beautiful and precious resource, with exotic hardwoods, in particular, becoming increasingly scarce. With this in mind, we endeavour to source all our timber from recycled timber or repurposed offcuts. I have an addiction for wood and spend a lot of time searching for hardwood furniture or other peoples cast-offs. Whilst this does usually mean the cost is less than clean new timber it does tend require additional work upfront in prepping the wood. Check out the blog for my latest wood purchases. For larger items or if specific timber is required there are a few local suppliers who specialise in recycled wood.



Timber preparation and CNC carving is carried out in our single garage whilst the fine detail work and finishing takes place in our compact 8'x6' workshop. The CNC has a work area approximately 75cm wide with potentially limitless length. It can take a board of 6cm thick, potentially more depending on the bit and the carve.

Inventables X-Carve 1000

The Inventables X-Carve CNC is a self-built, 3-axis, router powered machine. Developed by enthusiasts originally around the Arduino platform, the machine is highly upgradeable and only really limited by imagination.



All items are hand finished and this is usually the most time-consuming part of the production process. Depending on the item and intended use/conditions we use a range of finishes. For decorative interior items, we use Danish Oil and Renaissance Wax to give a deep lustre and really highlight the natural beauty of the wood. For heavy-use items or exterior items, we use polyurethane varnish. To increase contrast on some carves we can use a variety of stains before carving, alternatively, we can apply colour either by hand-painting with acrylic paints or by filling using coloured epoxy.

If you would like to know more regarding any of our processes please contact us below.

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