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Rough sawn reclaimed timber

In November I had the chance to buy a large amount of timber which came from a bankrupt furniture company, via auction and via another owner. The timber had been stored outside and was starting to weather.  It is mainly mixed hardwood, of various sizes from 0.5inch square up to a couple of 2 foot wide slabs.  My intention is to work through this, selecting timber for my own projects and selling on other selections.  
I have already started selling some of this via eBay but only on £1 fee weekends as otherwise the fees that eBay and Paypal take are exorbitant! 
This picture is only a small fraction of the total pile.

Beams and slabs

This a selection of the wider pieces, some of these have sold already.



This a serving board made with a couple of random battens from this pile, oak, mahogany, maple, meranti and a bit of ebony from my ukulele stock. This just highlights the quality hiding in a dirty pile of timber!

Watch this space for specific timber for sale, but in the meantime if you are interested in anything please get in touch

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